There is a lot history in Massachusetts. Some of the sites are marked by artillery.

But my favorite piece of ordnance is a missile launcher outside of an Army surplus store in North Attleboro.

It pointed at a building across the street displaying a sign that announced  “We’ve moved.”

north attleboro blog

North Attleboro, 2008

cambridge blog

This cannon marks the spot on Cambridge Common where George Washington mustered the troops at the start

of the Revolutionary War after being appointed commander-in-chief of the Army by the Continental Congress.

bunker hill blog

The “Adams”, a three-pound cannon mounted inside the observatory at the top of the 221-foot tall obelisk

that is the Bunker Hill Memorial in Boston.  This was one of four brass cannons stolen from the British by

Boston patriots in 1774. These were the only cannons in the colonial arsenal at the start of the war. Two of the

guns were recaptured by the British, but the Colonials hid Adams and a companion gun – the Hancock – in a

Dedham, MA swamp to conceal them from the British.

After the war the Adams barrel burst while firing a ceremonial salute.

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